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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Space Invaders Galactica (galaxiana hack) good 1979 hack galap1
Galaxian Part X (moonaln hack) good 1979 hack galapx
Galaxian Turbo (superg hack) good 1979 hack galturbo
Kamakazi III (superg hack) good 1979 hack kamakazi3
Super Galaxians (galaxiana hack) good 1979 hack superg
Centipede Dux (hack) good 1980 hack centipdd
Newpuc2 (set 1) good 1980 hack newpuc2
Newpuc2 (set 2) good 1980 hack newpuc2b
New Puck-X good 1980 hack newpuckx
Puckman (Falcom?) good 1980 hack puckmanh
Tempest Tubes good 1980 hack temptube
Hangly-Man (set 1) good 1981 hack hangly
Hangly-Man (set 2) good 1981 hack hangly2
Hangly-Man (set 3) good 1981 hack hangly3
Ms. Pac Attack good 1981 hack mspacmat
Ms. Pac-Man Plus good 1981 hack mspacpls
Pac-Gal good 1981 hack pacgal
Pac-Man (Hearts) good 1981 hack pacheart
Piranha (hack) good 1981 hack piranhah
Popeye-Man good 1981 hack popeyeman
Caterpillar Pacman Hack good 1982 hack ctrpllrp
Joyman good 1982 hack joyman
Millipede Dux (hack) good 1982 hack millipdd
Yankee DO! good 1982 hack yankeedo
Gatsbee imperfect 1984 hack gatsbee
Vs. Skate Kids. (Graphic hack of Super Mario Bros.) good 1988 hack skatekds
Sichuan II (hack, set 1) good 1989 hack sichuan2
Sichuan II (hack, set 2) good 1989 hack sichuan2a
Kageki (hack) good 1992 hack kagekih
Mortal Kombat (Turbo Ninja T-Unit 03/19/93, hack) good 1992 hack mktturbo
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